Everyday Athlete

You are in love with your new sport, working hard on mastering the gymnastics skills and looking forward to competing in your next local competition. The skill work for your kipping movements is taking a toll on your hands. Trying to get your ring muscle ups using a false grip is leaving the side of your wrists raw, which is reducing the amount and quality of your training. You have tried other grips and they are bunching up, the material is either too thick and stiff, or they don’t last very long. And, if you are a woman you have trouble finding a good fit because other grips seem too big. You want something that is going to last, protect your hands and help your grip be stronger. Victory Grips understands your issues and have designed grips to address them. 

We personally choose our leather to make sure that the thickness is in the “Goldilocks Zone”. Not too thin and not too thick, but just right. The leather is also soft enough that they feel great from the start. The protection is only where you need it, which also includes your wrist for the false grip on rings. Our male and female sizes will make sure you have the proper fit. With our patent pending design you will find that Victory Grips are not only about protection, but also performance. Victory Grips help you grip with greater efficiency reducing fatigue and the amount you need to re-grip, as well as work seamlessly between transitions to the rings, pull up bar, barbell, or the ground. Victory Grips are constructed to stand up to high volume elite level training and competition, and will last you for months.


Measure from the base of your middle finger (where the finger meets the palm) to the base of the palm (where the palm meets the wrist; the line where your hand bends at the wrist.) The measurement is in inches.      


Men’s Sizes
Small (3.9 inches and below. Typically if you are 5'4" in height and below)
Medium (4.0 to 4.5 inches. Typically if you are 5'5" to 6" in height)
Large (4.6 inches and up. Typically if you are 6'1" and above)

Women’s Sizes
Small (3.5 inches and below. Typically if you are 5'4" and below)
Medium (3.6 to 4.0. Typically if you are 5'5" and above)
Large (4.0 to 4.5. Typically if you are 5'7" and above)

* Read this is for more in depth Sizing Considerations