Stealth X

STEALTH X provides the benefits of leather and the original STEALTH in one material. It has the softness and protection of broken in leather. The spongy texture cushions your hand and compresses resulting in comfort and performance. Like the original STEALTH these grips are washable, vegan-friendly and will not stretch. STEALTH X grips extremely well onto both powder coated and Speal bars, and are perfect for athletes that typically love leather and those who need extra protection.

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I have to say I've been using the 3 Finger Leather since @victorygrips started, but these things are something special!


Tried these and if you are unsure about them, pull the trigger. Love them! And they're washable.


My FAVORITE grip!!!

Stealth X Sizing Guidelines

Measure your hand from the first joint of your middle finger to the crease just below your palm. If you measure between sizes we recommend you buy the larger size. Women with bigger hands may want to consider buying men’s grips. For more information check out our FAQs.

Women's Sizes

*Women with a hand measurement over 6.25 inches (16 centimeters) choose a Men's Medium.

Men's Sizes