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Men's No-Ring 3-Fingers

Victory Grips


The No Ring 3 Finger Grips is the same design as the other 3 finger grips, just without the plastic ring. For some athletes, the plastic ring causes discomfort when the wrist is flexed while supporting body weight. The No Ring design ensures comfort while still offering a tight secure fit around the wrist.

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Measure from the base of your middle finger (where the finger meets the palm) to the base of the palm (where the palm meets the wrist; the line where your hand bends at the wrist.) The measurement is in inches.      


Men’s Sizes
Small (3.9 inches and below. Typically if you are 5'4" in height and below)
Medium (4.0 to 4.5 inches. Typically if you are 5'5" to 6" in height)
Large (4.6 inches and up. Typically if you are 6'1" and above)

Women’s Sizes
Small (3.5 inches and below. Typically if you are 5'4" and below)
Medium (3.6 to 4.0. Typically if you are 5'5" and above)
Large (4.0 to 4.5. Typically if you are 5'7" and above)

* Read this is for more in depth Sizing Considerations