Find Your Grips

Unsure which grips are right for you? These direct comparisons will provide you an explanation of the design and material options.

STEALTH vs Leather

The grip on the bar and the durability are comparable. If you prefer a more natural dexterity or need a thinner material because of hand size, then go for the STEALTH. If you want a cushier feel and something more to dig into, then go for Leather. For a more detailed explanation click here.

3-Finger vs 4-Finger

If you rip under the index finger or between the index finger and thumb, then the 4 fingers are the choice for you. If you prefer to have some bare skin on the bar to feel a connection then go for the 3 fingers. For a more detailed explanation click here.

Ring vs No Ring

Both designs are integral and tighten on the wrist very well. If the plastic ring where the wrist strap feeds through typically causes you discomfort on the wrist or want more range of motion, then go for the no-ring design. If the ring is what you are used to, causes you no issues, and you do not prefer change, then stick with the design with the ring. The ring is only available on leather 3-finger grips. For a more detailed explanation click here.